The VELUX Group at C40 Mayor Summit in Copenhagen

C40 Summit 9-12 October 2019

The VELUX Group is proud to sponsor the “C40 World Mayors Summit in Copenhagen” taking place from 9 to 12 October. Opening the summit, we host a masterclass on 9 October with the title “The Value of Better Learning Environments”, where architects and decision makers in the building industry will discuss and share best practices. The C40 World Mayors Summit gathers leading cities, businesses and citizens in Copenhagen to build a strong global coalition moving forward with regard to the radical and ambitious climate goals.

Kristine Belska, Market Director for VELUX Commercial, will give a brief introduction to the importance of daylight and fresh air in schools. She opens the masterclass which focuses on the value of healthy learning environments in sustainable and energy-efficient schools. It consists of short keynotes combined with video, interviews and facilitated group discussions. C40 delegates, leading architects, researchers and experts join for this masterclass to discuss best practices and present solutions and inspiration for planning tools and strategy based on scientific research.

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The air quality and lighting conditions are poor in many classrooms. Lack of daylight and fresh air during long school days are known to slow down the learning capacity of children. Many schools built in the 60s and 70s are up for renovation and this presents a unique opportunity to bring their indoor climates up to standard for better learning.

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The value of better learning environments in schools is significant and well documented. Today, children spend around 90% of their time indoors with much of that time spent in classrooms. Poor indoor climates are harmful to their health and reduce their learning capabilities. Therefore, it is understandable that the design and the construction of these places matters.
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“Building new or renovating existing schools represents a tremendous opportunity for architects, contractors and educators to improving the indoor climate and thereby enhancing the learning environments,” says Jens Christoffersen, Senior Researcher and PhD in the VELUX Groups’ Daylight, Energy and Indoor Comfort centre. “We know that many classrooms, offices and other indoor public areas have insufficient daylight and ventilation today and that this can negatively affect learning, productivity and health.” In fact, studies show that when daylight and ventilation are key components of classroom design, they can have an impact on students’ learning abilities up to 15%.

Children recovering during their break in the common area inside of the school building of Hessenwaldschule in Weiterstadt, Germany.

Girls inside of a well-lit classroom studying at Hessenwaldschule in Weiterstadt, Germany

Girls inside of a well-lit classroom studying at Hessenwaldschule in Weiterstadt, Germany.

Common area inside of the school building of Hessenwaldschule in Weiterstadt, Germany.

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C40 Mayor Summit

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