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It is the people who work at VELUX Commercial that make us special and drive our success. Today, there are more than 1100 of us working in 13 different countries. Below you can meet some of our heroes - your future colleagues.

Tineke van der Vlugt, VELUX Commercial

Meet Tineke van der Vlugt

HR Specialist, Netherlands

My role at VELUX Commercial

As a HR Manager in the Netherlands, I am responsible for the companies located in Opmeer and 's-Hertogenbosch.

Being a HR responsible, I work on many things. Everything that has to do with work and people – hiring, dismissals, training and more. Besides these tasks, I am also responsible for managing the payroll.

I really enjoy supporting the business by supporting people, solving problems and creating good working conditions in collaboration with the managers in our organisation.

What I enjoy outside work

I enjoy outings with my family, friends, city trips or touring with the camper. I like to be outside, so I walk, cycle and garden. Because it rains a lot in the Netherlands, I like to read books and watch crime series (especially Scandinavian ones).

A fun fact about me

I regularly come to work with my blouse or sweater inside out. I don't notice when people have redecorated their living room, bought a new car, or have a completely different haircut. So, I’m a bit absentminded sometimes.

Endre Johannessen Tjensvold, VELUX Commercial

Meet Endre Johannessen Tjensvold

Financial Controller, Norway

My role at VELUX Commercial

I work as a finance manager for the Norwegian business. This means that I am responsible for having an overview of the company's accounts and conducting internal audits. In Norway, the business consists of both many fixed service agreements that provide a predictable income and margin, but also many projects where the margin can be more unpredictable.

At the moment, there is a high level of activity with many large projects. The projects must be followed up on financially, to make sure we make a profit from them. The portfolio of projects has a strong influence on our total profit margin, as they make up a huge share of our total revenue.

Working with this is interesting for me, and I get to be very independent in my job. I also really like the VELUX philosophy of bringing more light and fresh air to people, particularly to people in offices with limited space.

What I enjoy outside work

I have been an aviation enthusiast ever since I started flying gliders when I was 15 years old. Otherwise, I am the team leader for my son's floorball team and travel a lot in the mountains or to a cabin by the sea.

A fun fact about me

During my studies in Mannheim Germany, I was responsible for the delivery of drinks to the annual "Norwegerfete" where we usually had over 3000 guests and the consumption was in the area of 119 bottles of Norwegian aquavit and about 9000 litres of German beer. We used to offer free entrance to other Scandinavians. Throughout the evening I was also on duty at the entrance, where I reacted to the fact that there were so many Danes coming in. (There were almost no Danes in Mannheim), until a friend told me that the Germans had learned to say "jeg er dansk" (I am Danish) to avoid paying 3 D-mark for entrance.

Lisa Roßmann, VELUX Commercial

Meet Lisa Roßmann

Junior Regional Marketing Manager, Austria


My role at VELUX Commercial

I am working in regional marketing where I am responsible for Austria and Switzerland, and as of April 2021, also Export markets and Poland. I have, for example, been involved in launching the updated websites of Austria and Switzerland, which show the whole new Commercial product range. Besides that, my team members and I also plan which kind of content and paid advertising is needed.

What I really like about my role is that I get an overview of all marketing processes in the specific countries. I am supporting offline activities like events, sales support and brochures, but also online activities like paid ads, website and social media. Moreover, I enjoy working together with our sales team, back office as well as our technical department so that I get to know all the different aspects of our business.

What I enjoy outside work

Currently I really like to go hiking, especially with my mom’s dog. And I also enjoy having game and quiz nights.

A fun fact about me

I have already read more than 200 books – and many more to follow.

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