Daylight and ventilation solutions for working and learning

Transforming spaces into favourite places

Improve learning and increase productivity

The introduction of daylight and fresh air make it possible for building occupants to enjoy indoor spaces, any time of year. Students learn better in schools with access to natural light and ventilation, while office employees are more productive, and have fewer days of absence.

Rooflights enable daylight and fresh air to transform buildings such as a school, office or factory into spaces that improve people’s health and wellbeing.

A good indoor climate for people and the environment

Daylight and fresh air can reduce a dependency on artificial light and air conditioning by as much as 50 percent and increase occupant productivity by as much as 15 percent. Daylight solutions also help keep building occupants safe with the removal of unwanted toxins and smoke in the event of a fire.

Buildings that incorporate daylight and ventilation contribute to the creation of indoor environments that are good for people and the planet.

Designing buildings with daylight and fresh air

We offer a broad portfolio of daylight and ventilation solutions for industrial, commercial and public buildings, and our products are suitable for both new build and refurbishment projects.

Our portfolio includes:

  • Domes
  • Flat roof windows
  • Continuous rooflights
  • Glass room systems
  • Smoke and heat exhaust ventilation.
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  Public buildings

Rooflights - Public building

Providing daylight solutions for public buildings

Daylight solutions help to create quality, attractive, and comfortable spaces to spend time in. A range of rooflight solutions are available to maximi...

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 Flat Glass Rooflights - Experience office Appèl.  Photo: Norbert van Onna

Daylight and ventilation solutions for office building designs

Daylight solutions can improve productivity, comfort and the well-being of office employees. Daylighting is also energy-efficient and cost effective, ...

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  Industrial and warehousing

Grillodur Continuous Rooflights, Otto Suhner

Providing daylight and ventilation for industrial buildings

Maximizing your industrial buildings daylight has several operational benefits. Good daylight provisions increase the comfort, health and productivity...

Icon - Healthcare  Healthcare
Glassroof -Glazing panels, Sofie Amalie Garden, Denmark

Daylight specifications deliver natural light to benefit patients and staff

Incorporating daylighting into healthcare building design has several benefits. Good daylighting canassist with patient recovery and connects people w...

Icon - Hotels and conference centres  Hotels and conference centres
VELUX Glazing Panels bring daylight to an 18th century Cornish jail to support the transformation into a luxury hotel

Daylight solutions for hotels and conference centres

Realizing the potential of daylight in hotel and conference centre projects has several benefits. Guest and visitors can experience better time spent ...

Icon - Airports and railway stations   Airport and railway stations
Dome Rooflights in the Almere Train Station

Daylight solutions for airports and railway stations

Daylight solutions for airports and railway stations represent a challenge to designers. But it is one that has excellent rewards for people who often...
Icon - Retail and shoppingmalls  Retail and shopping malls
Vario rooflight solution, Jumbo Food Market

Daylight solutions designed for retail spaces

Brick and mortar stores competing with online buyers need to maximize customer experience. Retail spaces with natural daylighting deliver a fuller sho...

Icon - Education  Education
Modular skylights in a school

Why is natural light so important in school design?

We all know that the best antidote to the ‘winter blues’ is a break in a warmer, sunnier climate, preferably with white sandy beaches and clear blue w...

Icon - Sport facilities  Sports facilities
Grillodur rooflight system, Sports Centre, Bertrange

Designing daylight solutions for sports facilities

Daylight solutions enrich the recreational experiences people have when using sports facilities. Natural light in a well-being environment assists in ...