Dome Rooflights and Flat Glass Rooflights

Our single unit dome and flat rooflights are flexible and durable, inclusive of single unit, access and flat rooflights, as well as robust polycarbonate dome rooflights.

Key Dome Rooflights and Flat Rooflights Benefits:

  • Prefabricated for fast installation
  • Versatile and thermally efficient rooflights
  • Bespoke sizes for all buildings
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Examples of some of our Dome Rooflights and Flat Glass Rooflights

Dome Rooflight
Dome Rooflights, Nordhavn Terminal, Denmark
Dome Rooflights on Almere train station, Netherlands
Dome Rooflights on Zaandam train station, Netherlands
Flat Glass Rooflights
Polycarbonate skylights
Dome Rooflight
Circular skylight - acrylic dome
Polycarbonate dome Rooflights
Dome Rooflights - Train station

Our flat glass rooflights and dome rooflights combine quality performance with striking aesthetics to provide natural light. Our products can also include ventilation to provide comfort and remove toxins and smoke from any type of commercial building roof access.

Flat roof and dome rooflights are designed both for function and appearance, flat roof skylights come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit all types of commercial building projects. Our team of technical and design experts, guiding you from product selection to installation and beyond.