eBooks and Guides

We have a range of free downloadable eBooks to inspire and guide you through the various aspects of daylight design and skylight installation within the commercial sector.
From designing great schools to understanding more about the regulations that apply to daylighting, our selection of comprehensive eBooks will provide you with the knowledge and support to help deliver your project to the highest standard.


Commercial building design shouldn't just be focused on improving measurable factors such as humidity and temperature levels. Good building design should also allow its users to reconnect to the rhythms of nature.
Explore our range of eBooks specifically designed to inspire you in bringing your architectural daylight ideas to life.

Regulations & Standards

We have an  eBook dedicated to the various building regulations and technical standards that apply to commercial daylight design, in particular the application of skylights.
From offices and schools to hospitals and hotels, the eBook below will help provide you with the knowledge and guidance to support you with your commercial project.

Sustainable buildings

In a world branded as the ‘Indoor generation’ creating buildings which enhance the well-being of its occupants as well as achieving environmental sustainability is a key requirement for all commercial buildings.
With sustainability at the forefront of building design, the eBooks below will guide you through some of the key factors to consider when designing sustainable commercial buildings.

Building Design

The influence that architecture has on our lives cannot be overstated, and the need to create healthier, brighter indoor spaces with greater access to daylight and to the outdoors is a pressing one.
Below is a number of eBooks to demonstrate how to achieve greater natural light and better ventilation in our commercial buildings, whilst at the same time facilitating considerable energy savings.

Learning environments

Well-designed classrooms can make a significant difference to a child's academic performance and with studies showing that 90% of a child's day is spent indoors, we must now, more than ever, consider how the design of learning environments can affect the younger generation. 
Our eBooks below use project examples to demonstrate how incorporating daylight into classroom design can have huge benefits on learning.


There are many benefits to our prefabricated skylights, from fast and intuitive design to easy installation; VELUX Modular Skylights can offer a seamless solution to your commercial project.
These comprehensive eBooks showcase our most innovative products and their full benefits in bringing light to life in commercial buildings.