VELUX Commercial work with SageGlass to provide a high-performance daylight solution to help increase occupant comfort at ACTIS HQ

VELUX Commercial and SageGlass have collaborated to design an innovative daylight solution for the new ACTIS HQ in the south of France. This project saw VELUX Commercial’s modular skylight system combine with SageGlass electrocromic smart glass to maximise natural light and improve indoor comfort.

A complete and innovative rooflight design

Electrochromic glazing and modular skylights work together to reduce heat and glare in summer months while maintaining a connection to the outdoors. The result of this building project is one that has improved the well-being of workers, as well as reducing energy consumption as part of ACTIS’s sustainability goals. The skylight system has reduced air conditioning usage by 628 hours a year.

Today, occupants of this modern building enjoy communal spaces full of fresh air with natural light pouring in year-round through the atrium.

Healthy and comfortable indoor spaces

A common objective shared by everyone involved in this new build project was the well-being of people who work and visit ACTIS HQ. One of the architect’s design goals was to fully utilize ventilation and thermal control year-round.

Embracing the functionality and flexibility of VELUX Modular Skylights mean design ambitions have answered the specific needs of this innovative building project. An aesthetic connection with the outdoors has been created for all occupants to enjoy. Skylights open and close in conjunction with regulated thermal controls. Rooflights also provide added safety, removing smoke in the event of fire.

This collaboration has brought together technical expertise from two specialist companies who provide daylight solutions that connect people to nature, while utilizing modern heat control techniques and incorporating them into design.




Products used in project

1 x Step Longlight 13°

Step Longlight/Ridgelight

Multiple rows of skylight modules connected to create a large glass roof.

Illustration of Step Longlight Read more in the product category

Quantity of modules: 54 
11 opening modules for smoke extraction
4 opening modules for comfort ventilation

Special Glazing: Saint-Gobain SageGlass electrochromic glazing

Step Longlight/Ridgelight

Multiple rows of skylight modules connected to create a large glass roof.

Illustration of Step Longlight Read more in the product category

Thomas Thierry

Specification Director at ACTIS HQ

The rooflights bring light to the center of the building and occupants benefit from quality natural lighting. The integration of ventilation modules allows us to set up an intelligent system that cuts off the air conditioning at night in summer, which also has the added benefit of reducing energy consumption.

Thomas Thierry

Specification Director at ACTIS HQ

The skylights are a feature of the building noticed by all of our visitors, both for aesthetic and technical reasons. We have chosen daylight solutions that are both beautiful and highly functional.

Dynamic glazing and opening modules

Studies carried out by engineering office NRGYS shows that the combination of night cooling, opening modules and the performance of SageGlass dynamic glazing ensures a gain of 17°C, without air conditioning, compared to a conventional skylight*.

A second simulation system, combined with air conditioning in operation 50% of the time, enables ACTIS to reduce its air conditioning by 628 hours, or 52 days per year.

* Comparison between a skylight with electrochromic glazing + 6 openings and skylight with standard glazing and without ventilation, on a day in the middle of summer.
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