7 Sustainable Offices

Designing better workplaces with daylight and fresh air

Skylights - Sustainable Offices in screen

Sustainable buildings enhance the well-being and productivity of the people working, learning and recovering in them. Daylight and fresh air are especially important in the design of sustainable buildings for well-being.

This is why certification matters. Certified buildings provide key knowledge and transparency, critical to the design phase. They help drive the industry forward by formalising design and performance criteria that promote sustainability and well-being. 

Download our eBook and learn how 7 sustainable and certified buildings designed with VELUX Commercial, for better workplaces with daylight and fresh air.

Learn how VELUX Modular Skylights:

  • Comply with certification schemes
  • Contribute to healthy indoor climates, boosting productivity and performance for buildings and their occupants 
  • Increase human well-being

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