Building better schools: six ways to help our children learn

Download this eBook and take a closer look at six design elements architects can use to design the schools of tomorrow.

Skylights - Building Better Schools in screen

64 million European children spend more time at school than anywhere else other than their own home.

These formative years should not be spent in dark, decrepit buildings. Especially since numerous studies show that it is not just teachers, but also the physical environment, that inspires learning.

As architects, we have a responsibility to ensure that tomorrow’s classrooms are healthier and more supportive of great learning outcomes.

In this erBook, you will learn more about six select design elements that can enhance learning:

  • Daylight: Ensuring more daylight which is critical to learning
  • Indoor air quality: How to improve air quality without sacrificing temperature
  • Temperature: Adaptive thermal comfort throughout the year
  • Acoustic environment: Helping teachers be heard over traffic, kids and more
  • Classroom design: Giving teachers flexibility and children a sense of ownership
  • Stimulation: Balancing colour and complexity

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