Building considerations for commercial rooflight refurbishment

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VELUX Commercial eBook guide to rooflight refurbishment
We expect 75% of the buildings we use today to still be with us in 2050 and so the need for commercial rooflight refurbishment solutions is only likely to increase over the coming years to ensure these buildings maintain their performance.

Building owners and operators are therefore faced with ensuring their assets remain safe and functional whilst improving the comfort for building users in the face of ever-changing climates, building needs and regulations.

Using our knowledge and daylight expertise across the commercial sector, and in recognition of the many building considerations designers, architects and contractors are faced with today, we have put together an extensive guide for commercial rooflight refurbishment and restoration.

Some of the key areas covered in our free guide include:

  • An overview of the entire refurbishment process and how it offers opportunities to enhance daylighting and ventilation through the specification and installation of new rooflight solutions.
  • The drivers for refurbishment for different building types and the considerations based on the building usage.
  • The need for specialist technical support throughout a refurbishment project to help achieve the best results - from design, installation, service, and maintenance.

Download our free guide and learn more about the key considerations for rooflight refurbishment projects and how using our complete range of solutions can help your project meet the needs of the building and its users.

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