Daylight solutions as part of an entire building refurbishment

In Hammelburg, Germany, the refurbishment of a monastery first founded in 1649 has given an ageing building a new lease of life with daylight emerging to fill once darkened spaces.

Today building occupants enjoy natural light exposure in multipurpose spaces with minimalist design features. Vintage interiors such as wooden beams contribute to a pleasing design aesthetic that incorporates self-supporting modular skylights integrated into historic sloping roofs.

Existing design features meet contemporary design goals

This completed refurbishment project began in 2015 with commissioned architects Brückner & Brückner keen to create spaces full of daylight. A central goal was to give new life to old building spaces through design. Communal spaces accommodate a music academy complete with concert and rehearsal spaces, and a kitchen and dormitory for musicians to relax in their downtime.

Utilizing sustainable materials and retaining building features meant skylights chosen for this ambitious project had to meet ambitious design goals that redefined how these spaces are being used. Modular skylights were chosen to answer architectural goals that had a focus on providing more daylight and ventilation.     

Minimal design aesthetics work with daylight to create harmonious musical spaces

The transformation of monastery spaces included modular skylights being installed in sloping roofs to compliment a modern design that embraces monastery elements like arched entries and multiple window facades. Today, daylight spreads throughout a building utilized to house people, and create symphonies in performance spaces with excellent acoustics for music to be created.  

Creating a symphonic atmosphere full of daylight  

Ventilation is now also available via modular skylights in a 4,145 square metre space. Musical acoustics have been enhanced with wooden panels and cladding designed with sound quality in mind. The well-being of people is enhanced as sunlight enters deep into once darkened spaces. An attic and cellar are now also being used, while a nod to the monastery is maintained through the retainment of historic interior and exterior features.




Architectural drawings

Products used in project

5 x VMS Dual pitched rooflights

Ridgelight 25-40°

A dual pitched rooflight for installation on a flat roof or at a roof apex.

Illustration of Ridgelight solution Read more in the product category

Project size: 61,8m², 72 modules

The module widths had to be adapted to the historic roof structure.

Ridgelight 25-40°

A dual pitched rooflight for installation on a flat roof or at a roof apex.

Illustration of Ridgelight solution Read more in the product category

Christian Brückner

Brückner & Brückner Architekten

We decided to use VELUX Commercial windows — a lot of them.

Christian Brückner

Brückner & Brückner Architekten

We’re driven by a passion for historical buildings, and how to make them future ready. We reflect on what we encounter in a new building and always aim to bridge the gap between history and contemporary design.


Self-supporting modular skylights were utilized to maximize daylight exposure.
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