Regulations & Standards

There are a number of building regulations and technical standards that apply to the integration of daylight within commercial buildings - some more complex than others.

Our posts below highlight some of the key regulations and standards that apply for incorporating daylight into building design, such as the EN 17037 standard.

DSV Headquarters featuring VELUX Modular Skylights
Regulations & Standards

What is EN 17037?

The new European Standard EN 17037 deals with daylight in buildings. Published at the end of 2018, it is the first Europe-wide standard to deal exclusively with the design for, and provision of, daylight.

Modular skylights with blinds

The new European Standard for daylight design covers four different areas: daylight provision, assessment of the view out of windows, access to sunlight, prevention of glare.

Internal image of Glenpark Early Years featuring VELUX Modular Skylights

The new European standard for daylight design in buildings, EN 17037, has been written so that it can be applied to any building.

eBook: Guide to Daylighting and EN 17037