Renovation offers opportunities to enhance daylighting and ventilation. As part of the roof structure, rooflight solutions must contribute to a variety of performance and comfort requirements. Early collaboration with a rooflight manufacturer can help make sure specifications for daylight solutions meet the objectives of the project. New rooflight solutions might need to fit existing openings or be specified as part of a completely re-built roof.

In our blog posts and ebook we highlighted the factors which need to be taken into consideration or have an impact on the outcome of a renovation project.

Before and after images of rooflight refurbishment with VELUX Modular skylights

Full technical support throughout a refurbishment project

There are several factors that influence the success of commercial rooflight refurbishment projects. From choosing the correct daylight solution and getting the right technical advice through to installation support and ongoing service and maintenance. Schedules are often tight, so it helps to have the involvement of a rooflight manufacturer who can offer support, knowledge and technical expertise that can deliver a renovation project within a set time frame.

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Interior before and after views of a Grillodur rooflight installation as part of a refurbishment project in Switzerland

When choosing a new daylight solution as part of a refurbishment project, understanding a building’s functionality plays an important role in decision making. If able to establish the influential factors involved in design, specification and installation, better decisions can be made.

Rooflight solution with Northlight modules. HIgh school Sågbäckgymnasiet - Interior.

In 2012 local authorities ended more than 10 years of talks by adopting a plan to refurbish the old vocational school in Huddinge, Sweden. The school, originally built in 1961, represented classic 60s architecture and was good quality.

VELUX Commercial eBook guide to rooflight refurbishment