Full technical support throughout a refurbishment project

Before and after images of rooflight refurbishment with VELUX Modular skylights
Before and after images of rooflight refurbishment with VELUX Modular skylights

There are several factors that influence the success of commercial rooflight refurbishment projects. From choosing the correct daylight solution and getting the right technical advice through to installation support and ongoing service and maintenance. Schedules are often tight, so it helps to have the involvement of a rooflight manufacturer who can offer support, knowledge and technical expertise that can deliver a renovation project within a set time frame.

Specifying the correct solution for your building project

Early collaboration with a rooflight manufacturer can help make sure specification for daylight solutions meet the objectives of a refurbishment project. New rooflight solutions might need to fit existing openings or be specified as part of a completely re-built roof. On-site support with roof surveys is available to assess the existing roof and its needs. Working with a daylight provider can also answer questions relating to current rooflight regulations and standards. Modern rooflight solutions offer an option to suit almost any situation.

At Almere Centrum Railway Station in the Netherlands, an upgrade of rooflights now includes a bespoke structural glazing system. The new glass system had to mirror the appearance of the existing rooflight solution but meet today’s regulatory and performance requirements. The refurbishment includes robust 4mm glass which can absorb high wind forces.

The roof of Almere Centrum railway station. Installers work with dome rooflights and structural glazing systems.

The roof of Almere Centrum railway station. Installers work with dome rooflights and structural glazing systems.

Technical expertise: working with existing roof openings

Working with a rooflight manufacturer can ensure solutions are tailored to the existing roof structure and rooflight openings. Existing openings are not always consistent in size and shape and may not suit standard rooflight sizes. The load-bearing capability of a roof also influences the maximum weight of new daylight solutions. Being able to select from a wide range of available solutions is desirable to make sure you find the perfect solution. It might be necessary to ‘mix and match’ products; for examples using lighter polycarbonate solutions to achieve some performance requirements and heavier glass products to achieve others.

VELUX Commercial eBook guide to rooflight refurbishment

Installation support to meet specific rooflight refurbishment goals

Depending on the rooflight solution being specified, a rooflight manufacturer can guide you through the installation process, making you aware of the options that are available. Training manuals and on-site support from specialist installers is also available to help you achieve project goals. Fall-through protection improves safety during rooflight installation and for maintenance operatives who access the roof. Non-fragile rooflights that meet all current manufacturing standards provide impact resistance and fall-through protection, either using laminated glass or integrated safety grids. 

VELUX commercial installed all rooflights at Almere Centrum, inclusive of glass system, 126 dome rooflights and façade glazing. Solar panel cell integrations (BIPV = Built in Photo Voltaic Cells) were also integrated into sloping glass panels as part of a sustainability goal to make Almere Centrum the greenest station nationwide. This project was multifaceted and delivered on time with advance specifications, acute planning and a timely delivery of daylight solutions.

End-to end support including service and maintenance

At, VELUX Commercial we understand the importance of supporting you throughout a commercial project programme – from product selection and technical advice, through to installation and after sales services. Ongoing support means expert technical advice is given by team members who are ready to assist with any query you may have. We provide a range of aftersales services to help you maintain your rooflight solution throughout its lifecycle.

A construction worker and colleague look up at a skylight installation from the inside of a refurbished building

A construction worker and colleague look up at a skylight installation from the inside of a refurbished building.

About VELUX Commercial

VELUX Commercial’s range of solutions offer complete flexibility for providing daylight and natural ventilation, smoke and heat exhaust ventilation (SHEV), as well as maintenance. Our product platform includes dome and flat glass rooflights, continuous rooflights, and glass roof systems. We provide product design flexibility and a range of accessories.

Our expert knowledge and dedicated support make VELUX Commercial your preferred partner for daylight and ventilation solutions.

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